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米国メディアのUSA Todayが今回公開された文書のハイライトを掲載していますので、その中の一つを抜粋して解説を行いたいと思います。

1963: Secret Service lists surveillance targets

There's a 413-page document that details everyone that Secret Service was watching between March and December 1963, including Puerto Rican nationals, Klansmen and others. Each had a description of why they
were angry at the president and their threat level. The document is a window into how Secret Service viewed potential threats.

Another Secret Service document notes more than 400 people the agency suspected might want to harm the president. One Puerto Rican nationalist interviewed in a Veterans Administration hospital praised Kennedy's killer Lee Harvey Oswald for thinking big (1). "Diagnosed schizophrenic paranoid," the Secret Service notes said. "Considered dangerous by doctor."
Contributing: Ray Locker, Jessica Estepa, Ledyard King, Bart Jansen, Wendy Benjaminson, Julia Fair, Brad Heath, Paul Singer, Rich Wolf, Bill Theobald, Steve Reilly , "JFK files: Highlights from 2,800 previously classified records," USA TODAY, 2017/10/27更新,

surveillance 監視,見張り,監督.
surveillance targets で、「監視リスト」つまりこの場合は「(反大統領感情を持つ)危険者のリスト」
detail (動詞) を詳細に記す
have a description of ? ?について記す、描写する
veteran 退役軍人
think big (枠を超えて)大きな事を考える
diagnose 診断する
schizophrenic paranoid 精神分裂病の
paranoid 偏執病患者;誇大[被害]妄想の人